Since its launch in 2016, Openview Records continues to grow on all fronts, expanding into new genres of alternative and underground vibes. Leading the way, founder Michal Czyz and a host of up-coming DJ’s and producers are on a mission to unite people all over the world through a mutual love and appreciation of electronic music, designed not only to evoke a higher state of consciousness but also to create a community of members that share the same ideals.


Michal Czyz is a London based producer, DJ, and promoter from Poland specialising in electronic music. Michal has performed in some of the most recognisable venues across London including The Egg and Lightbox, where he never fails to fill the dance floor with his deep and moving tracks. Through his innovative connection and love for music, Michal brings people together, and fosters an atmosphere of self-expression and celebration to behold. Throughout the years, Michal has built some unique partnerships with promoters and club managers including Republic Artists, Ibiza Gathering and Wicked 7, working in collaboration, leading to international expansion and a number of great shows and recordings. The journey continues through his dedication to creating playlists which encourage positivity. In his eyes, the purpose is to connect with listeners on a deeper level. “I am a frequency! A highly resonating vibration” It’s all about matching the right moment with the power of music, which opens new landscapes and hits higher states of consciousness!”